Philanthropy awards 2009

Through the traditional annual ceremony of awarding the Philanthropy and CSR Awards, unique of their kind in Republic of Macedonia, CIRa aims to express public recognition to citizens, enterprises, civic organizations, media and institutions that have promoted positive donor practices for community support and have stimulated further development of philanthropy in Republic of Macedonia in the past year.

The winners of the Philanthropy and CSR Awards are determined through a nomination and selection process. All citizens, enterprises, public institutions, civic organizations, foundations and media in Republic of Macedonia have an opportunity to apply and send their nominations or to nominate somebody within the nominating period stated in the Annual Call for Nominations. Independent Selection Committee, consisted of representatives from the business community, media, experts on CSR, civil society organizations and other stakeholders evaluates nominations based on the given criteria announced in the Annual Call.


On May 27, 2010 in the M6 Education Center in Skopje the winners of the Annual Philanthropy and CSR Awards for 2009 were announced:
The CSR Award for Responsible Approach to Employees was intended for small, middle and large companies that have made significant improvement of their relations to employees in 2009. Winner of the Award was AD ADING Skopje.
Pro Credit Bank AD Skopje received the CSR Award for Responsible Approach towards Environment.

Further, the Award for Corporate Philanthropy for National Company for positive corporate impact on society and the surrounding community was given to ONE Telecom Group for big company, TTK Bank as middle company and ’’Fashion House Elena Luka” for small company.

The Award for integrated approach to CSR was given to “Komercijalna Banka” AD Skopje for big company and INet for small company.

The Award for Civic Association that has stimulated philanthropic culture of companies and individuals through their fundraising activities was give to CSO “BORKA” Skopje. Award for Institution or Media that has made special contribution towards creation of positive environment for philanthropy development and furthering donor’s practices in Republic of Macedonia was given to the International School “Nova” Skopje.
Lest but not least were given awards for Individual Philanthropist from Macedonia to Mr. Kazim Asotic and to Ms Blaga Petreska – Individual Philanthropist from Diaspora.

The event was supported with donations from INTEL dooel Skopje and Kozuvcanka.