Development and Advocacy for civil society sector issues

  • Organization of Regional Conference “Strategies of Sustainability of the NGO sector”
  • Co-organizer of the NGO Fair 2004
  • Co-organizer of Regional Youth Policy Conference in Ohrid
  • Advocacy and lobbying for many CSO related issue (Development of local philanthropy, tax deduction, supporting legislative for NGO sector etc.)
  • Establishment of 4 volunteers centers within the project funded by OSCE “ Volunteers in Action –promoting volunteerism. CIRa supported organization of fundraising event within the NGO Fair in Skopje and fundraisers for solving local issues in Kumanovo, Veles, Teteovo and Kriva Palanka.
  • CIRa is one of the founding members of the Platform of Citizen’s Organizations in Macedonia , network of 30 NGOs in Macedonia , aimed at providing support to the further development of the civil society. CIRa is assigned as a lead organization for “Mobilizing local resources and Volunteerism”.
  • Closing of USAID Democracy Network Program in Macedonia. CIRa was contracted by ISC/Macedonia to finalze and close-down the Democracy Network (DemNet) Program in Macedonia. CIRa organized several capacity building events for NGO partners, two international confernces, publilcized the results and impact of the nine year programme and organized its closing event.

Training and capacity building

  • Within USAID’s DemNet Program over 200 training events in 25 various training areas for 350 CSOs. ( See section training services for CIRa modules)
  • Series of 12 trainings for NGOs supporting people with disabilities with Handicap International / Macedonia . Themes included project cycle management, strategic planning, PR and media, advocacy and lobbying, outreach, leadership, facilitation skills etc.
  • Training for youth groups for Youth policy and advocacy, Community activism and mobilizing local resources. Capacity building of the Volunteers Centers in 4 communities in Macedonia , OSCE funded.
  • Various training courses for NGO support centers in 8 undeveloped municipalities in Macedonia, Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia
  • In cooperation with Civic Imitative -Belgrade and ISC, CIRa organized a study tour visit in Macedonia for 25 representatives of youth related NGOs from Serbia in October 2004. The objective of the study tour was exchange of knowledge and experience and establishment of regional network of cooperation between NGOs form Macedonia and Serbia.

Assessments and Researches

  • Organizational assessments of Student and Youth Organizations in Macedonia for Open Society Foundation in Macedonia . Summary report outlines capacity building needs of 12 student and youth organizations in Macedonia .
  • Preparation of the USAID 2004 NGO Sustainability Index Report for Macedonia .
  • Mapping needs of Macedonian NGOs for the International Development Assistance program, in cooperation with HAND (Hungarian Association of Humanitarian and Development NGOs ) and DemNet Hungary ( Foundation for Democratic Rights).
  • Assessment of training needs of NGOs working on HIV/AIDS issues in B&H, SCG and Macedonia for Project Hope

Technical assistance

  • Technical assistance and guidance for 13 CSOs dealing with gender and marginalized issues, creating better and more appropriate services for these groups, supplementing government provided services and strengthening the cooperation among local communities, CSOs and local municipal authorities through. CIRa was initiating and advancing appropriate community based services for vulnerable groups such as disabled, children, elderly, women, HIV/AIDS victims, minorities, victims of violence, juvenile offenders and others.
  • Technical assistance and guidance for 13 communities in dealing with the problem of human trafficking. Project established strong cooperation among CSOs ad government institutions, especially at local level.
  • Support to 8 CSOs in the area of youth, leading to creation of employment for youth at local level, cooperation with local businesses, local municipal authorities and institutions responsible for youth policy.
  • Conflict reduction in 6 communities, working with local CSOs, schools and educational institutions.
  • Promoting use of information and communication technologies for more effective CSO management and project implementation.

Community development

  • Introduction of creation of Local Environmental Action Plans in Macedonia and creation of LEAPs for 6 communities.
  • Community development projects in 9 communities, promoting creation of informal citizens committees that gathered citizens, CSOs and representatives of local institutions (municipality, schools, employment etc.). Community Action Plans (CAPs) were adopted by local municipal authorities and become plans for development of the municipality. Priority setting and participatory methodology used in the CAPs was pivotal in promoting cooperation between citizens and municipal authorities. Extensive training provided within the CAPs promoted community leaders both on the citizens and on the municipal authorities side.
  • Close cooperation with Local Government Reform Program, DAI, USAID funded in:
    Facilitation sessions with representatives of municipalities (Meetings of Centers for informing citizens and Association of local municipalities ( ZELS);
  • Creation of Codes of Ethics for 4 municipalities(Karpos,Centar, Kriva Palanka and Kavadarci)
  • Development of Citizens Charters in two municipalities(Prilep and Veles)
  • Facilitation of the process of strategic planning for Association of Public Enterprises in Macedonia (ADKOM)
  • Development of Outreach Plans for the Centers for Information of Citizens within local municipalities
  • Training for ACTED, France in preparation of Community Action Plans for rural areas and cooperation with local authorities