The mission of the Center for Institutional Development – mision and visonCIRa is to strengthen capacities of civil society and local communities for achieving tangible community changes.

CIRa strives to achieve its aims through strengthening organizational capacities, providing grant-giving support, promoting public participation and mobilizing local resources in solving local issues on community level.

The elements of its social vision in which CIRa believes are as follows:

  • A Civil Society with empowered CSOs that addresses real problems within the society and local communities as well as among disadvantaged, marginalized, and at-risk groups through influence of CSOs in the sphere of public policy formulation, service delivery and mobilization of local resources;
  • The local communities that are able to develop long-term solutions for local problems as well as to positively impact overall well-being of the citizens;
  • Business sector that participates in the communities and makes socially responsible decisions;
  • Governmental institutions that rule the country based on high democratic principles and set encouraging legal environment to support long term sustainability of NGO sector.
  • Organizations and institutions that effectively and efficiently work on reforms in Macedonia towards the EU integration process.

CIRa’s Values and principals are:

  • We insist on citizens participation in the process of decision making;
  • We have focus on achieving tangible results and giving more
  • We appreciate and respect individual, social, ethnic, gender, sex and religion diversity of the people;
  • CIRa acts in friendly, positive and informal atmosphere in the work and our relationship with our beneficiaries;
  • We are proactive and dynamic in achieving our daily responsibilities;
  • We are always focused on building in-depth capacities of the individual organizations and institutions;
  • Every person on whatever postion in CIRa, participates in CIRa’s developmental activities
  • We all build and secure integrity of CIRa (accountability, transparency, professionalism, honesty, anto-coruptive practices)
  • We use original and quality approaches, methodologies and models for work with our beneficiaries;
  • We treat all our partners equally

CIRa’s Coverage

  • Republic of Macedonia
  • Western Balkans and other Central and South Eastern (CEE) European countries